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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Coming About of the Glittering Dawn (Action-Adventure E-Book)

Another milestone achieved! Publishing a NEW ASTOUNDING READ!




Buzz Roberts and Brenda Molson are on the run from an organization called the Glittering Dawn. They go to a remote country to escape the signal centers that are in different places in the world and which can be activated by the organization to burst the microcapsules in their bodies which are full of disease and hence will kill them. 

The name, ‘THE GLITTERING DAWN,’ IS used as a code name for the unsuspecting agents whose identity code is made up of a letter of the organization, thus, one person will be called 1T which symbolizes the first word, and the T is the beginning of the word, ‘The.’ Thus you will get the word, ‘Glittering,’ which is the second word and it would read 2 G, 2 L, 2 I, etc, as their identity. To account for the other employees the code could read, the letter and then the number and for any extra, it would be number –letter –number, and then, number- two letters, and such like. 

The organization has now achieved its goal of putting its astonishing technology into oak tables by using the wood as a circuit board and they also have certain diseases embedded into the wooden frames. The scientist agents are now dispensable and are being killed by the activation of the capsule and now the organization is intending to contact governments telling them that they have to submit to the authority of The Glittering Dawn otherwise they are going to release the germ biology from the tables that have now been bought and are now in the living rooms of millions of people all over the world.



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