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Sunday, November 18, 2012

I have done the Copyright of the E-Books

It's all set and our books are ready to be posted in a very few days time.

I am so excited and so are the people who are really waiting for all the books to be posted.

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JK Tallis

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Return of Haden (updated synopsis)

John Spencer, a self made man and entrepreneur is now deficit in the health department and is forced to review his life. What is it that goes through his mind which triggers off such a series of strange events?
Modest to the fact, in that he describes himself, as an average rung of the ladder guy, he strives to adjust to the new situation. He is offered a cutting from a collection of musty newspapers, dating to the beginning of the twentieth century, and thus finds to his halfhearted interest, and surprise, that they do contain some quite strange details.

Trying to become a writer, due to his handicap which now doesn’t allow him the freedom he had before and by the loss of his drinking pals and his previous girlfriends, he participates his brain into the unknown.

A series of incredible things begin to fall into place, that shape his life in a different direction and which become beneficial for him, and for all those connected. He makes a few attempts at writing, but to no avail, but then comes the BIG, BIG, BIG, story, so bewildering and mind boggling, that he treats his previous writing with contempt.

The big man, Haden comes into his life, and things are just not the same anymore and never ever  will be again. one of the most astonishing books you will ever read.

A rip-roaring saga of incredible wisdom from the Master J K Tallis. A book that will grip from the word, *’Go!’***

Purchase The E-Book: The Return of Haden

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Master Walked Amongst Us (A Synopsis)

Two idiot explorers and erratic individuals set out on a fool journey to mystery and adventure that neither one could have expected and which changed their lives beyond recognition.  India is the setting.  Now having ended up bedraggled and without the means of support and sitting at the foot of a Hindu temple, their poverty becomes the opening to an adventure of astonishing events  and one of invaluable benefit.

The chance meeting of the Master Tallis, an eccentric hermit, who lives in the forest near the grave of his adorable wife, opens up astonishing wisdom. 

Get acquainted with the beautiful ex-prostitute Shana, the mischievous dog called Muff, the tragedies and highlights of this story and it is a definite read of a lifetime.

As always, the master Tallis opens up the dormant understanding and shows the simple way to an astonishing way of existence. 

This is definitely a no putting down book!

Enjoy reading!

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A BLOG page in my WEBSITE!

This is very cool guys! Ingenuinity of Technology nowadays!

Everyone will be able POST COMMENTS for what they feel about the books, after reading it or their expectations before they read what they have purchased.

The website that I am promoting is going to be interactive wherein visitors will be able to post what they perceive about the amazing E-Books.

Check it out guys and tell me what you think. You can post comments here or even there in the website itself.

click the site, then press the BLOG button and there you go, you will automatically be redirected to the blogsite where you can post anything you like.

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Enjoy reading guys and Enjoy posting comments as well.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

website development updated for TallisLoveSite

Here is an updated website that has been revised just now. 

Take a peek. It will soon be finished and finally you can now order the books using credit, debit cards and paypal.

comments are all welcome.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Edited contents of the website

I have edited the main page of the site. I have totally rewritten the site itself with its contents.

I hope this would capture the eyes and hearts of a lot of people.

click here for you to see the website

Comments are welcome my dear readers.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


An incredible, interweaving, rip roaring story, romantic, funny, profound and which delves into the history of religion and of its activities. 

The outcome is astonishing and rather unexpected, but through this saga a romance comes about of worldwide proportions and the story will hold you spellbound throughout its pages.

Does god, come out of this unscathed or with huge condemnation. What is your verdict?

Read more of this by downloading the story here in this website of mine.

Enjoy reading!

A Message From Atlantis

This also has the element of great inspiration, in the amazing discovery of the mythological land called, ‘Atlantis. More happens than the casual observer, i.e., the unbelieving chief editor of a major news paper is prepared to believe. His mind is perplexed and his spirit low as he tries to adapt to this incredible place.
      But the outcome is a sensational culmination that will leave the readers stunned and which will give immense food for thought.
     The only consolation is the love of an Atlantean princess who, if this is all but a dream, forbids him from waking up to this strange reality.   Does Atlantis exist? You will know it does, after reading this astonishing extremely readable epic. Compelling reading and terrifically importantly, informative.

Read the story by downloading it here in my website.

Enjoy reading!